Oxy-fuel cutting

Zinser – plasma- & oxy-fuel cutting machine suited to all needs

Our CNC oxy-fuel cutting plasma flame installations can exactly cut sheet steel up to 150 mm of thickness, 17 m of length and 4 m of width without any problems. At the same time, we can offer all our customers in our well-sorted sheet steel warehouse sheet steel cutting as well as rolled metal sheets in various formats and qualities.

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Certificate ÖNORM EN 1090-2

Technical specifications:


Programming of our machines is performed by CAD systems provided by the machine producer. Upon request, your construction drawings are archived in a revision-proof way (according to your indications). In case of repeated orders, only the number of the parts (with index) and our internal 6-digit order number are required.

Import and data transfer:

The construction drawings (DXF and DWG files, respectively) are directly transferred to the CAD system. This proves to be helpful also in the stage of offers, because with our offer system we register the exact contours by means of CAD, combine them and thus draft an offer tailored to your needs.

  • Only the contour to be processed should be drawn in at a 1 to 1 scale
  • Blocks, polylines and regions shall ABSOLUTELY be avoided.
  • Cutting contours, dimensioning and drawing borders should be drawn on different layers.