Laser cutting

Highest precision for the decisive step ahead

Our service center with its headquarters in Klagenfurt proves daily that Filli is not only a reliable and flexible commercial enterprise, but also a first-class product refiner. High-tech laser installations as well as long-standing experience in pipe and profile processing provide for our customers an absolute advantage in competition.

Absolutely precise laser processing means highest dimensional accuracy. The Filli Stahlprofis work through their sophisticated technical knowledge in the fields of laser technology with state-of-the-art technical equipment, and thus deliver absolute top quality.

  • Absolute fitting precision and professional customer consultancy are of the highest priority for the Filli Stahlprofis.​
  • Processing is performed completely contact-free using our high-tech flat bed laser machine.
  • In this context, the laser beam functions like a multi-functional tool, with which we cut burr-free precision cuts in formats up to 6 m of length and 2 m of width.
  • For sheet steel up to 25 mm, for Nirosta steel up to 20 mm and for aluminium sheet steel up to 12 mm.

Certificate ÖNORM EN 1090-2

Technical possibilities


  • Steel, machine and plant construction
  • Tool making and vehicle construction
  • Writing and advertising board production
  • Jigs and thin sheet metal jigs
  • Light metal and stainless steel industry
  • Arts and crafts & advertising industry
  • Furniture and construction industry

Your advantages:

  • Direct takeover of your construction drawings
  • Processing of sheet steel up to 25 mm (Nirosta 20 mm, aluminium 12 mm)
  • No own sheet steel warehouse required (large range of sheet steel in store)
  • Individual product planning (geometries of various kinds possible)
  • Preparation of cutting for ...
    • Engraving of bending lines
    • Core hole for threads
    • Punching for subsequent drillings
    • Packaging upon request
    • Delivery by enterprise vehicle fleet (according to agreement)

Technical specifications:

  • Maximum cutting size
  • 6,000 mm x 2,000 mm
  • Maximum thickness of sheet steel:
    • Construction steel up to 25 mm
    • Stainless steel up to 20 mm
    • Aluminium up to 12 mm


Programming of our machines is performed by CAD systems provided by the machine producer. Upon request, your construction drawings are archived in a revision-proof way (according to your indications). In case of repeated orders, only the number of the parts (with index) and our internal 6-digit order number are required.

Import and data transfer::

The construction drawings (DXF and DWG files, respectively) are directly transferred to the CAD system. This proves to be helpful also in the stage of offers, because we register the exact contours by means of CAD, combine them and thus draft an offer tailored to each single customer.

  • Only the contour to be processed should be drawn in at a 1 to 1 scale
  • Blocks, polylines and regions shall ABSOLUTELY be avoided. Cutting contours, dimensioning and drawing borders should be drawn on different layers.
  • For takeover of various processing strategies, contours should be in the following colours:
  • White (line) = cutting contour;
  • Yellow (line) = contour to be engraved;
  • Turquoise (dot) = granulation;
  • Turquoise (line) = edge lines;
  • Red = will NOT be processed


  • 4 TRUMPF Trumatic with 5 kW laser power
    • Each machine has a scope of work of 6,000 mm x 2,000 mm