Our press braking with its pressing power of 3200 kN and a bending length of 4,250 mm gives the cut sheet steel the right shape.

Certificate ÖNORM EN 1090-2

Technical possibilities


Programming of our machine is performed by CAD systems provided by the machine producer. Upon request, your construction drawings are archived in a revision-proof way (according to your indications). In case of repeated orders, only the number of the parts (with index) and our internal 6-digit order number are required.

Import and data transfer:

  • In case of 3D models, it is especially important to coordinate in advance with our technicians the actual edge radii of the profiles, and to draw the parts with the correct edge radius.
  • Then we perform processing with our programming tool, and prepare the part for programming the machine.
  • The DXF files should be drawn at a 1 to 1 scale.
  • Blocks, polylines and regions shall ABSOLUTELY be avoided. Cutting contours, dimensioning and drawing borders should be drawn on different layers.


  • 1 TRUMPF TrumaBend 5320 with 3,200kN pressing power and a bending length with a maximum of 4,250mm
  • 1 TRUMPF TrumaBend V320 with 3.200kN pressing power and a bending length with a maximum of 4,080mm