Gutter heating

Snow fall and permanent cold weather lead to a strong threat for roof gutters and downpipes: Solar radiation and heat from buildings make the snow melt. At cold spots, such as canopies, the melt water freezes and drops off. This is a high safety risk, for the snow and icicles dropping off do not only damage roof gutters, but also vehicles parked below and endanger passengers. Gutter heating systems prevent the formation of snow and ice on the roof gutters and downpipes, and avoid deformation of the gutter due to the snow load.

We have a gutter heating system of the Pentair company with the following products in store for you:

  • Band heater
  • Band heaters termination
  • Accessories
  • Controls

This is a self-regulating band heater with a power consumption of approx. 18 to 30 Watt/rm. For small and medium-sized systems, all connections and controls are available ex stock. Our sales force will gladly consult you on site or, if necessary, offer further support in large projects by the producer.

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