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Bauder synthetic sealing sheets

Lightweight roofs in the field of industry and hall building are mostly sealed with synthetic roof sheeting. The principle is, just like in case of bitumen sealing: The quality of the system used is decisive.​


Bauder THERMOPLAN is a modern sealing system among the top ranks made from FPO-PP. It sets standards in matters of safety, ease of laying and durability, and it has been proven in practice for years. At the plant at Schwepnitz, the high-quality, innovative flat roof sheeting is produced using state-of-the-art technology – with the proven high quality and competence of Bauder’s.


Bauder THERMOFIN roof sheeting is suited as a mechnically attached system as well as for laying with gravel load. This roof sheeting can be safely and easily welded within a high temperature range. The ecological properties are excellent, due to the basic material of FPO-PP: The roof sheeting is plasticizer-free, heavy-metal free, chlorine-free and free from other halogens.


In sealing of lightweight roofs in the field of industry and hall building, often only low to medium demands must be met. Bauder offers various system solutions on the basis of PVC-P. The single-layer waterproofing using Bauder THERMOFOL meets all standard demands, and facilitates safe laying in new buildings, but also in renovation.

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