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Our new edge flashing online shop offers clear advantages in the fields of storage and material cost reduction. It is easy to use, and this online tool also offers much easing concerning resources and time management to our customer.​

Use the new edge flashing online shop of the Filli Stahl Dachprofis, and get to know its advantages:​

  • You draw your individual edge for the roof and front online – the edge flashing online shop is available to you free of charge round the clock, seven days a week.
  • You need not perform any installation, but can enter simply via our homepage.
  • You will receive your offer immediately after completion of the drawing.
  • Your parts will be produced within 48 hours (two working days).
  • Save your created profiles for later use in your user profile.
  • Receive shorter time of delivery through simple and effective online ordering.

For any further questions, please contact one of our branches. We will gladly visit you for consultancy and briefing free of charge.

Range of products

Our edge flashing online shop offers a vast range of edge flashing, trapezoidal sheets, profiled metal sheets and various product specials. Furthermore, we offer powder coating, punching and various special processing.

All products offered are made of the following materials:


The single products can be produced for you up to the following length and material thickness:
Length up to 6,200 mm - max. material thickness: aluminium 1,00 mm; steel 1,00 mm
Length up to 4,000 mm - max. material thickness: aluminium 3,00 mm; steel 2,00 mm

Edge flashing

In addition to a vast range of plumber’s products, we offer edge flashing made of various materials in all shapes and finishing imaginable. At the same time we guarantee absolute dimensional accuracy and repeat accuracy on account of state-of-the-art technology and excellent know-how of our employees.

Also special services, such as special profiles for the front, can be produced as required by the customer (hole punching). You can comfortably draw and order all parts in our new edge flashing online shop (ordering by fax is possible as well). Our technically well-trained employees are gladly at your disposal with their long-standing experience for any questions.

You can find out the entire variety of edge flashing, inclusive of all materials offered, in our edge flashing online shop. There you will also find a variety of already predefined parts, which you can change as you like and adapt them to your requirements.

Trapezoidal sheets

Also in the field of trapezoidal sheets, we can meet your individual needs. Especially small orders can be processed quickly and at a fair price. Generally, these entail high costs due to minimum quantity surcharges and transport. Also delivery time usually requires some weeks.

The FILLI-STAHL Dachprofis offer trapezoidal sheets, starting from one piece, without any minimum quantity surcharges. These are processed for you within two working days (from date of order). In this way, you can also process smallest orders and repairs efficiently and profitably.

Dimensions: maximum length 6,200 mm, coverage width from 400 to 525 mm

We also offer special trapezoidal sheets made of aluminium, stainless steel, zinc or perforated sheets. You can find out the entire range of trapezoidal sheets, inclusive of all materials offered, in our edge flashing online shop. For any further questions, please contact one of our branches.

Profiled metal sheets

We comply with the wishes of our customers as regards profiled metal sheets. We offer state-of-the-art execution of the folded profile with clip relief. Optionally, the metal sheets can also be produced with corrugation, which consists in an additional hardening of the cleats. In case of need, we can deliver the goods to any delivery address indicated.

Your advantages:

We consider the following basic data important:
Maximum length of approx. 13,000 mm (different according to norm and material), range between 500 and approx. 650 mm, respectively.

For any further questions, please contact one of our branches. You will find out the entire range of profiled metal sheets, inclusive of all materials offered, in our edge flashing online shop.

Finished parts & accessories

As an additional service, we offer you products, which we prefabricate according to standard dimensions. You will save time and costs. Many finished parts are parts, which are either difficult to produce or which cannot be produced using conventional sheet metal forming machines, and the production of which is very time-consuming, respectively.

A summary of our offer:

For any further questions, please contact one of our branches. You will find the entire range of profiled metal sheets, inclusive of all materials offered, in our edge flashing online shop.

Service and quality suited to your needs

High-precision work due to the use of state-of-the-art machines; order your products starting from one piece. Also minimum quantities are no problem for the Filli Stahl Dachprofis. The products ordered by you are produced within two working days (exclusive of transport).

Advantages of online ordering of edge flashing


By means of our logistics partner, we offer our customer best-possible service at fair conditions. In order to deliver the goods to your desired delivery address, we offer you individual solutions. A majority of our delivery fleet is equipped with cranes. You can also fetch your products upon request directly at our branches. All further information concerning transport costs is available in our edge flashing online shop.

Special service

Powder coating

We also deliver the products ordered by you with powder coating (delivery approx. seven additional working days) in all RAL colours. You will find further information in our powder coating product data sheet. You will find information about prices in our edge flashing online shop.

Special edge flashing and punching​

We produce special edge flashing according to the wishes of our customers by means of state-of-the-art machines. Also minimum quantities can be ordered from the FILLI-STAHL Dachprofis. Concerning punching, we offer our customers various processing options of high-precision work. Currently, ten different cutting dies are available. For special manufacturing, please contact one of our branches.

For any further information, please refer to: cutting dies in detail

Crane unloading​

If a crane truck is required for special unloading, we offer you a crane truck in cooperation with our logistics partner. Price upon request!

Additional information

Documents for downloading:​

Fax form

Folder edge flashing

Shop – instructions edge flashing

Cutting dies

Conversion table


Trapezoidal sheets

Product data sheets:​


ALU strips polyester-coated

Data sheet 1050 sheet metal

Data sheet EN-AW5754

Galvanized coated sheet steel​

Granite standard data sheet

Hot-dip galvanized sheet steel


Titanium zinc – environmental declaration


VMZINC data sheet

Chrome and stainless steel​

General stainless steel data sheet

Uginox FTE

Prominox data sheet

Roofinox tin specification


Kupfer Produktdatenblatt

Copper product data sheet​

RAL colours

Powder coating

Tmb cleaning recommendations

Tm alu powder

Tm powder hot-dip galvanized

Tiger Drylac series weather-proof

LASER CUTTING & BENDING of stronger materials at the Filli Stahlprofis.

Stahlprofi TruBend5320

For processing stronger materials, the Filli Stahlprofi is your partner.

Laser processing with high dimensional accuracy – processing of edge flashing is performed contact-free, without force and thus without deformation. The high quality and accuracy of cutting edges require no reworking. The subsequent work steps, such as welding and mounting, are much simplified on account of this processing accuracy, and time consumption for mounting is strongly reduced.

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