Pipe & profile laser cutting

We refine steel, Nirosta steel, aluminium pipes and profiles. Perfectly

Pipe laser cutting is an economical alternative to conventional pipe processing. Due to the high cutting edge quality as well as fitting accuracy there is no rework. By means of innovative laser technologies, we provide exact and perfect results without any scratch marks and deformation of the material. Compared to conventional pipe processing, such as sawing, drilling, milling or punching, laser technology leads to an enormous time and cost reduction for us and for our customers.

The high cutting edge quality and accuracy of the laser technology guarantees that there is no rework, and subsequent work steps, such as welding and mounting, can be performed more easily and quickly and thus more cost-effectively.

Customers benefit from shorter times of delivery, higher capacities and fixed delivery dates. Also in large orders, very short and extremely efficient processing times are achieved by the Filli Stahlprofis.

Our high precision standard has got about in the course of the years. Therefore, we are pleased with a long list of renowned customers, such as, for instance: KTM, Remus/Sebring, Siemens SGP, Voest Alpine Bergtechnik, Doppelmayr, VA Tech Elin, Einboeck Landmaschinen, Poettinger Landmaschinen, Boesch, John Deere and many more.

Technical possibilities


  • Separation and mitre steps
  • Recess & penetration
  • Shaped cut-outs in all possible variations

Your advantages:

  • Shorter times of delivery
  • Higher capacities
  • Secure delivery date on account of two machines in operation
  • Customer trials and at the same time production
  • Short processing times, also for large orders

Technical specifications:

  • Round pipes & shaped tubes made of construction steel, aluminium, Nirosta steel
  • Shapes like round, angular and special profiles with closed outer shell
  • Length up to 6,500 mm
  • Material thickness of construction steel up to 10 mm, aluminium up to 6 mm, Nirosta steel up to 8 mm clamping range, enveloping circle up to approx. 250 mmMaximales Gewicht des Vormaterials: 37 kg pro lfm
  • Maximum weight of primary materials: 37 kg per rm

Standard intersection and processing:​

  • In two-dimensional pipe cutting the laser beam is directed to a horizontal level, while the pipe revolves around its longitudinal axis. The beam is perpendicular to the pipe to be processed. It is sufficient for a clean connecting joint if once the outer surface of the pipe is laid up and once the inner surface is laid up; only then, however, if the connecting joint is produced by a conventional welding procedure with a supplementary wire.
  • Pipe & profile laser cutting
  • Tops, inserting and pushing-in as a summary

Connection on top:

  • Only one pipe is processed
  • No liquid flow (e.g. fence or railing)

Insert connection:

  • Both pipes are processed
  • 100 % liquid flow (e.g. irrigation systems)

Pushing-in connection:

  • Both pipes are processed
  • 50 % liquid flow (e.g. half-timbered building)


  • 1 TRUMPF Tube 7000 with 3.2 kW laser partial length max. 3 m / maximum diameter of enveloping circle: 250 mm; material weight max. 37 kg per rm
  • 2 TRUMPF Tubematic with 3.2kW laser partial length max. 6.5m / max. diameter of tube 160 mm / shaped tubes max. 160x160; material weight max. 22kg per rm